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Project Updates

Major Water Storage Tank Projects

Tanks provide increased available water to the system for fire flow and during peak demand periods, while stabilizing water pressure to our customers.  As the water system has continued to grow the Authority has planned investment into building new tanks to ensure that optimal water service is provided under all situations. 

Construction on the 2.5 million gallon elevated water storage tank in Skippack Township, scheduled in conjunction with the construction of the new SCI-Phoenix Correctional Facility has been completed.  The new Skippack tank provides support for our new customers while allowing for residual benefits of stabile pressure and water storage to the surrounding communities served. The tank in Hatfield Borough was recently repainted and has a new Hatfield and NPWA logo. 

Main Replacement and Improvement Projects

In 2016, the Authority is continuing its aggressive Main Replacement Program.  We work closely with local municipalities to coordinate and schedule additional main replacement projects as opportunities become available.

 2016 Areas of Active Projects

Township or Borough





Oak Park Road Replacement of 6” cast main with 8” ductile main Completed April 2016

Lansdale Borough

Main Street Rehabilitation of 8” cast iron main  Completed July 2016

Sellersville Borough

Ninth Street Replacement of 10” cast iron main with 8” ductile main Completed August 2016

Towamencin Township

Woodlawn Drive II Replacement of 6” cast iron main with 8” ductile main Completed September 2016

New Britain Township

Tower Hill Road

Replacement of plastic service lines with copper

Completed September 2016

New Britain Township

Liberty Lane

Installation of redundant 30” transmission main

Underway/Completion November 2016


Clymer Road

Replacement of 6” cast iron main with

8” ductile main

Underway/Completion November 2016

New Britain Borough

Ute Road

Installation of 8” ductile main

Starting soon / Completion November 2016

Lansdale Borough

Cannon Ave

Replacement of 6” & 4” cast iron main with 8” ductile main

Construction early 2017

Hatfield Borough

Hatfield Borough

Replacement of 8” universal main with 8” ductile main
Construction early 2017

Developer Projects

Throughout our service area there are projects involving the extension of our water system into a new development.  Typically, this work is done by the Developer’s own contractors; however, NPWA provides oversight to ensure that the work is completed according to required standards and specifications.  We always analyze each extension of our system to determine if there is the potential for any adverse impact on our existing customers.   NPWA works with developers to ensure that all extensions are done in a way to minimize any impact to our valued customers.

Currently underway is: 

Snyder Tract, Hatfield Township; Andale Green, Lansdale Borough; SEPTA Parking Garage, Lansdale Borough; Carillon Hill, Sellersville Borough; Meadow Glen, Skippack Township, and Berkeley Court Phase 2A, Souderton Borough. 

Road Improvement Projects

The NPWA service area has been impacted by several PennDOT road improvement and bridge replacement projects. The Authority has been closely involved in coordinating construction efforts.  PennDOT has improvement projects for Godshall Road, Franconia; North Main Street, Sellersville and Allentown Road, Towamencin Township. Road improvement projects require NPWA’s involvement to ensure the water facilities are maintained and protected as the roadway is excavated and reconstructed.  In some cases, PennDOT projects require relocation of facilities that are in conflict with the construction improvements.  In other cases, NPWA considers potential extension or replacement of main prior to completion of final roadway paving. This prevents reopening a newly paved roadway as well as serves as a cost savings for water main improvement projects.

Upcoming projects include: Wertz Creek Bridge, Sellersville Borough; Main Street Bridge, Sellersville Borough.




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